It is just a tool. The rest is the matter of taste and imagination. / by Fuad Babayev

HDR became very popular these days. We see a sparkling pleiad of HDR photography masters including Trey Ratcliff, RC Concepcion, Brian Matiash, Alex Koloskov and many others. Many of their works can be treated as masterpieces. Some of them wrote fantastic books about HDR photography, have tutorials that help the rest of us to become a better artists. But what other thing they have in common? They are artists. And their goal is to show people the beauty of this world, different places where they had been and want to show as the world the way they saw it once, not to showing how good they are in creating HDRs. There are so many examples of bad HDR photography around the net, that many people start hate HDR. The problem is that some photographers just make some bracketed photos, push them into HDR software and try to achieve effects inside the mentioned above software and are trying to squeeze everything that is possible from the image and the software. Sometimes it works but in most cases it doesn't. The trick is to use HDR software to achieve a good, even exposure with no burnt highlights and good details in the shadows and then send it to Photoshop and finish things there. HDR is just a tool, the technique that help you to achieve some amazing results processing the image but it is not the way to finish the picture! It is just a tool. The rest is the matter of taste and imagination.

Some quiet water inside the sea.

Nikon D700. Nikkor 16-35mm